Interview with Jacki Stone from Vains of Jenna on the new album

16 03 2009

New exlusive Ink N’ Sleaze interview with Vains of Jenna drummer Jacki Stone!

Thank you very much Jacki!

Vains of Jenna is currently touring Sweden again, you guys have spent a
long time playing dates and staying in America, what was that time like?

Jacki Stone: Touring all over America was a dream coming true! We did
everything from small shitty clubs, to big amphitheatres, and driving in
our van for 15 hours in snowstorms, to relaxing in the sun by our tour
bus! It’s been a lot of fun… When we didn’t tour we lived in L.A. I love
that city and I can’t wait to get back.

Then after America, what was it like coming back to Europe and playing
shows again in your own country?

J.S: I had know Idea of what to expect here in Europe. We did like 15
shows over here before we left for the states, so it was hard to tell if
we had a follow in Europe. But so far so good, it’s been some great shows
in Sweden that’s been sold out and now we are touring with the cool chicks
from Crucified Barbara, they rock! Played some shows in Italy and toured
England with Viking Skull… that was good times!

Is there a difference between shows/crowds in America and Europe?

J.S: It’s pretty much the same I think. It really depends on where you
play and how many people there are etc.

What’s the best part of being in Vains Of Jenna?

J.S: That’s a though one… I’m just so glad I got to do what I want in my
life, and that is to play my drums and tour! The four of us are best
friends and we are so strong together… Always pushing to get the best out
of every situation and we all take care of one another. Friends like that
don’t grow on trees.

Your debut album “Lit Up/Let Down” was a great succes, the band is busy
writing and recording a follow up for the debut, is there more pressure in
making the album than when you were making Lit Up/Let Down?

J.S: Yeah it’s been more pressure on this album, but that has only been a
good thing.
It’s a totally different situation with this album. First of all we
recorded in a real studio this time with a producer etc. “Lit Up” was self
produced and recorded in a cabin in 1 week and wasn’t even meant to be an
album. This one have so much more work behind the songs and they all
sounds different from each other and I really like that.

“Lit Up/Let Down” was a hard rock album with a hearable influence from
Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and other classic rock bands, What kinda music
can we expect to be on the new album?

J.S: All the songs kicks ass! So many different styles of music are on
this album. It’s still rock n roll but you can expect a Vains of Jenna
album that is SO much bigger, with SO much better songs and SO much better
produced than “Lit up”.

The band recently released a second video for the song “Enemy In Me”, will
that song be on the album?

J.S: Yes.

Is there a possibility of sharing some song titles that will appear on the

J.S: Not quite yet. Hopefully we can post some of the titles in the
beginning of this summer.

And perhaps the album title? If there is an album title already that is..

J.S. That one we are still working on.

When can we expect the album to be released?

J.S: Hard to tell. I’m hoping this fall.

Now I would like to ask you a couple of questions with a little less depth
in it..

What bands or artists influenced you the most?

J.S: Nirvana was a band I listened to daily for like 10 years… There are
so many bands, but to name a few: The Who, Guns N Roses, Aersosmith, The
Stones, Zeppelin. Right now I listen to Atreyo a lot.

What’s the best song ever made?

J.S: ohh, that I don’t know.

If you weren’t in Vains of Jenna, what kind of work do you think you would
be doing?

J.S: I would probably have a really boring 9-5 job and I would be day
dreaming about being in Vains of Jenna.


Vains of Jenna tour Sweden

22 02 2009

Starting next week, Vains of Jenna will be playing new dates in Sweden with Crucified Barbara. And here’s where they’ll be playing:

So if you’re lucky enough to be living in that beautiful country, get your ass up and go get a ticket!

The Second Enemy in Me

26 11 2008

Vains of Jenna are currently recording their 2nd album which will follow up their succesful “Lit Up/Let Down” record and touring thru Europe so you figure the guys are busy enough already. But no.. The guys shot a new video for the song “Enemy In Me”, the vid was released today on their myspace website and can now be watched here as well.

Vains of Jenna’s first show in Europe

13 09 2008

Just read this on their website:





Fucking great! I hope they will come to Holland soon!

Vains of Jenna back in Europe!

18 07 2008


Do you want Vains of Jenna to play in your Europian country as well? Here’s your chance:

From their official site:

Jul 17 2008
VAINS OF JENNA is coming to Europe! Do you want to see us play your country or city???

We’ll be arriving back in Sweden in early October and will be touring everywhere.

Call your local clubs and promoters and DEMAND VAINS of JENNA in your city now!!!

See ya this fall!

Vains of Jenna

18 05 2008

vains of jenna

Lizzy DeVine – Vocals and Guitar
Nicki Kin – Guitar
Jacki Stone – Drums
JP White – Bass

Vains of Jenna is a sleazemetal band from, ofcourse, Sleazy-Sweden. And they just kick fucking ass.. Vains of Jenna bring you back the 80’s sleaze, but way more raw and intense than the bands back in the day. Their main influences are Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones (they’ve recorded an awesome version of Jumpin’ Jack Flash), Hanoi Rocks and Aerosmith, and you can definatally hear that back in their songs, wich is ofcourse, not a bad thing. The band has released their debut cd called “Lit Up Let Down” in 2006 featuring they hitsingle “No One’s Gonna Do It For You”. The video for that song was directed by Bam Margera, in his own backyard/home.

The band also just announced they’re goin’ back in the studio to record a new album. No doubt that one’s gonna fucking kick ass!


May 18 2008
Vains of Jenna head back to the studio for 2nd album!
Fans, Friends and random people of the world,

VAINS OF JENNA has started production for the follow up to 2006 “Lit Up / Let Down”.

Last week the band went in to studio with producer Brent Woods. Woods produced VOJ’s “Enemy in me” that can be found on the “Viva La Bands vol. 2” compilation.

The new tracks are gonna be a major step up for the band who’s been writing songs since they got back from touring nonstop for the most part of 2007.

We can’t tell you when the new CD will be out, but previews will be posted here on our myspace as soon as the band’s got some new tracks mixed.

This album is gonna be quite different from what fans are used to. But trust me, It’s gonna be one hell of a rock album.

It’s been three years since the band recorded their debut. No title has been set for the album yet.



// Lizzy, Nicki, Jacki & J.P

Vains of Jenna – No One’s Gonna Do It For You

Same Ol’ Song and Dance

10 05 2008

Just like Allyson did on bringbackglam, I made a short list of songs I can just put on repeat and I’ll never get sick of listening to. No particular order..

Sister Sin – Minor You Major Me
Can be downloaded from their official website:

Guns N’ Roses – Mama Kin (live @ the Ritz ’88 )

Velvet Revolver – Superhuman

Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (live unplugged)

Motörhead – R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (live)

Mötley Crüe – Shout At The Devil ’97 Remix

Guns N’ Roses – Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Rolling Stones Cover)

Brides of Destruction – Shut The Fuck Up

Vains of Jenna – No One’s Gonna Do It For You

Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch

I’ll actually never get sick of any of the songs from the bands I love..