Back in Black

16 06 2009

Oi all you sleazy fuckers!

As you might have noticed I didn’t post anything new lately, there’s been some weird shit goin’ on in my life, but I promise you all, I’m fucking back and dirtier than ever. ‘Cos I just got my nipple pierced.. hehe

I saw Buckcherry live in Rotterdam last week, and damn! Thanks guys for the best show I saw in my fucking life!

I’ve got some new reviews coming up, so check up on me every once in a while.



The Barbarellatones – Not Dog…Snow-Lion!

23 02 2009

Close your eyes and picture this, the Doors getting into a fight with a bunch of dragqueens. What do you hear? You hear the new Barbarellatones record “Not Dog…Snow-Lion!”

This album ain’t got the kind of music I usually listen to, this is way more laidback and a bit trippy, but I like it anyway. It does also contain a huge amount of humour. I think when you smoke a joint or two and put on this record you will have a great night, you might flow just as much as the music does. 

I love “I Don’t Give a Damn!”, the music is kinda country like and the lyrics are just way too funny, I was listening to this album with a friend of mine and we just fucking laughed our asses off.
For all the N.Y. Dolls fans out there, there’s a great cover of “Bad Girl” on this disc. There’s also an appearance of the German Queen glamorous weirdess: Nina Hagen on the song “Nina Hagen”, which is about her.

So if you wanna have a good ol’ trippy time, go get some hasj and this Barbarellatones record.

Swedmetal Threesome..

9 02 2009

Innocent Rosie – Bad Habit Romance
01. Bitter Pill
02. Knock Me Out
03. Animal
04. Let a Memory Die
05. Bad Habit Romance
06. Sextalkin’
07. I’m A Vibe
08. Wasteland
09. Shine,Shine,Shine
10. Don’t Drag me Down
11. I’ll Get Rich
12. Left Alone

Finally! Innocent Rosie will release their first album “Bad Habit Romance on February 18th 2009. I dunno about you, but I’ve been waiting for this album for quite some time, and I tell you all it’s been worth the wait. Innocent Rosie is everything Guns N’ Roses can never be again, raw, energetic and a kick ass rock n’ roll band.


The album is packed with big riffs and even bigger arena worthy choruses, ready to be chant along with by insane crowds from all over the world.

I love the wah-pedal guitar action in the intro  of “Knock Me Out”, as well as the vocals on this song. “Animal” is made to play as loud as possible, once this song grabs you there’s no letting go. The guitars are fast n’ heavy and the drums are ready to bash your guts to jelly. “Sextalkin'” starts of with a high pitched scream off the guitar and then transforms into a Mötley “Dr. Feelgood” era-riff. I like the rock n’ roll piano on this song.
“Let A Memory Die” begins like a slow groofy blues tune, but then slowly but surely morphes into a rock n roll gutpounder.


Cherry Lips – Cherry Lips
01. Dead or Alive? (Are You)
02. Haunted
03. Stop Messin’ Around
04. Right Now
05. Mean Hot And Nasty
06. On My Own
07. Back For More
08. Shadow
09. The Race is On
10. Heartbreaker
11. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
12. Narcissus

Guys who say girls can’t rock hard should listen to this record and choke on the guitar violence on the album. Cherry Lips is an all-girls band from Italy formed in 2004, and on 27 March this year the world can expect their first album “Cherry Lips” to be released on Swedmetal Records.

 Though this album is more poppy that the music I usually listen to it’s worth more than one spin on my radio. I especially love the music section on this album, it sounds real tight girls!

My personal highlights on this album are “Stop Messin’ Around”, I love the laidback Rolling Stones kinda guitar slide intro, and the vocals sound a bit more aggressive on this one. The song is about something everyone can relate to, people hating the music your playing and wanting you to turn it off. “Mean Hot And Nasty” starts with a mean hot and nasty riff and once again a more aggressive voice than the first couple of songs. Cherry Lips also recorded a way better version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” I have to say this is the first time I’m not annoyed by this song.


Pretty Wild – All The Way (E.P.)
01. All The Way
02. Time
03. Let The Good Times Roll
04. Shockin’ Teen
05. Dangerous
06. Take It Off
07. Let The Good Times Roll (-86 Mix)
08. Dangerous (live in L.A.)

It’s All The Way back to the 80’s Sunset Strip with this record. Loud but melodic buitar riffs and high pitched vocal screams dominate this album. Pretty wild has played the Roxy and Whisky a Go Go in L.A. And I must say, if they’ve been there two decades earlier they would’ve made it bigger than now.

Like the band said themselves, When you turn on a Pretty Wild song you wanna grab a beer and get the party going, this E.P. is perfect party music. Though “All The Way” isn’t just a party disc, I believe their sound is big enough to fill arenas and stadiums.

The party has begun, and you’re invited; 18 February 2009 “All The Way” will hit the stores. Their debut album will be released later this year.

Bound to Bleed

16 12 2008

Live to Get Fucked, Fuck to Get Drugs.

Vocals: Datura Stramonium
Bass: Black Mickey
Guitars: Mick
Drums: Memento

All the way from Italy comes the band “Long Dong Silver”, like the name suggests, these are dirty motherfuckers. The band consists of 4 real frustrated misfits waving the finger to anyone annoying them.

 Their album “Bound To Bleed” kicks off with a tension building intro which blows up into a trash-kinda drumbeat n guitar riff. The vocals on this track remind me of the way James Hetfield sounded in the pre-commercial Metallica years, and so does the manic riffin’ and that trashy drum beat. “Bound to Bleed” is a great song to open the album ‘cos like I said before, the intro builds op the tension and blows up into some great guitar work and chanting chorusses.

Other highlights on this album are; “Generation Masturbation”, great lowkey vocals in the beginning which really brings you into the depressing “worthnothing” vibe of the song. “Spike Heels and Leather Mask” sounds like a bastard child of AC/DC and the Rolling Stones, a nice relaxing guitar riff and lowtempo beat. But don’t let the music distract you ‘cos like the title suggests, this song contains some S&M themed lyrics. I also very much love “Live to Get Fucked”, it’s got a nice little dirty, fucked up theme to it. It’s a story about a fucked up girl hooked on drugs, doing everything she can to get a next shot. It’s kinda like Long Dong Silver’s “My Michelle”.

If you wonder what it would sound like if you throw GN’R, the Sex Pistols and Metallica in a blender, or you just like straight ahead, heavy rock n’ roll,  I highly recommend this album to you.

  1. Bound to Bleed
  2. People Like It Rough
  3. Generation Masturbation
  4. Spike Heels & Leather Mask
  5. Some 1.2.8
  6. Hellephant
  7. The Beast Inside Your Heart
  8. Alcazar (More Blood, Less Tears)
  9. Live to Get Fucked…
  10. 10,000 Years of Pain

The Money Grind

26 11 2008

Many people say timetraveling is impossible, but I just found out a way to return to the 80’s L.A. hard rock scene with this great album by Willie Basse. Back in the 80’s Willie was frontman of the band “Black Sheep”, the band Slash was in during his pre-Guns days. Black Sheep was home to a lot of well-known rock artist such as the late Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe).

As you all know, right now we’re in the 21st century and it’s very clear the music industry needs a firm metal kick in the fucking ass. Well.. Willie Basse and his band, who have also worked with an impressive list of famous rock artists (of which Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, the Scorpions and Black Sabbath are just view), are here to give that kick as hard as they can. With the new album “The Money Grind” they’re not only kicking ass but it takes you way back to the 80’s with thick guitar riffs, high-pitch vocals and fast guitar solo’s.

The album starts off with an amazing intstrumental track called “Guitargasm”, and I must say, the title says it all. It’s just this huge hammer made out off guitar riffs and solo’s that knocks you out and I guess it could make some guys have an orgasm. Then after a moment off breath the second track “(Love So) Far Away” kicks in with this early Mötley Crüe sounding guitar riff. The chorus is a true 80’s singalong (or should I say chantalong).

There are killerriffs all over the album on tracks like “Don’t Waste My Time”, the title track “The Money Grind” and “U Can’t Have It All”. The track called “Po’ Boy” is something different all together.. It guides you around a couple of different genre’s in music such as reggea, blues and heavy metal. And it’s done in a very good way, ’cause I don’t really dig reggae but this song is actually one of my favorites on this album.

So if you’re into heavy metal that sounds like it’s from the 80’s but still has a modern feel to it. (In other words the music that matters). I highly recommend this album to you.

Exclusive INK N SLEAZE interview coming soon!

The Saints Swingin’

26 06 2008

Okay people, two reviews today, two reviews of two great fucking records..

Let’s start with Saints of Los Angeles by, ofcourse, Mötley Crüe.


I had heard the title track “Saints of Los Angeles” already, so I was really looking forward to this album. ‘Cause that song just sounded so classic Mötley Crüe, yet very fresh, I loved the song from the moment I heard it.. So two days ago this record was released, but I have to confess, I couldn’t wait so I downloaded it befor that time, though I never had the chance to really listen to it. I was still a bit unsure wether S.O.L.A. was gonna blow my mind or dissapoint me. Because some of these song titles just gave such a modern impression to me that it made me wonder if the record was gonna sound like that as well.. (and I don’t like modern music that much..)

But I bought the record yesterday, and I just fucking love it! When I sat down and just let the music take me over I was amazed how fresh yet familiar this record sounds.. As if I have owned this disc for years already. Nikki had all the right to say: “I think we’re onto some of the better songs we’ve had in years”. on his blog some time ago. Though I really love “New Tattoo” I think S.O.L.A. is even better.

The songs that spoke to me the most are: “Down at the Whisky”, “Saints of Los Angeles”, “Chicks = Trouble” and “White Trash Circus”. The entire record is great, but these songs are my favorites so far.


The other record I want to review right now is “Swingin’ at the Fences” by these badboys from Sweden called “The Cowboy Prostitutes.

TOBBE JOHANSSON – Guitar/Backing Vox

This record is packed with rock n’ roll with a big splash of dirty punkrock. The song “Rock ‘n’ Roll Jail” is just a fucking great opener for this album ’cause the song starts with a guitar riff that somehow says to me “Here we are, Fuck you!”. And that’s a good thing! Swingin’ at the Fences has a great attitude to it, the proud-side of, heck, almost every rock star, and the “I don’t give a fuck” feel of punk.

Most songs start with a fast riff/solo and gut-pounding beats which is accompanied with the raw vocals of singer Luca Isabelle at the start of the verses. The chorusses are very melodic, yet they don’t take away the raw attitude of the songs. They just make you want to get out of your chair, put your fist in the air and sing along like you just don’t care. There ain’t one song on this record I don’t like.

And as a great suprise, the second-last song “Roseline”, is a ballad, a very beautifull ballad. You can feel lot of emotions in this song and still feel like a bad-ass motherfucking hardrocker. My compliments to this song guys!