Killer Klown/Johnny Burning

11 03 2009

Killer Klown – Gain

Loud guitars, screaming vocals, ear penetrating drums n’ bass, Killer Klown has got it all.
This band is just pure kick ass rock n’ roll for all I care, these guys ain’t fooling around, they love rock n’ roll and they want the world to know it. It’s always good to hear a band this pure, not much synth effects, just riffs n’ beats that grab you by the throat and drag you thru their rock n’ roll rollercoaster.
You can hear a lot of GN’R and Skid Row influences in all 11 of these songs.

When I first gave this disc a spin the first song “Monster Idiot” struck me like lightning, the guitars on this track are so loud and aggressive and I love the drums on this track. Love the chorus to guys! Other stand outs on this album for me are “Big Town”, once again on this track it starts of with a big riff and a drum beat that first creeps around like an assassin but strikes like a warrior after a while. “Smoke This” is probably my favorite track on the album. It’s got a creepy kinda atmosphere to it and the disturbed vocals gives even more edge to the song. When the chorus arrives you might actually feel a bit releaved.. it’s just beautifull in a loud way.

Johnny Burnin’ –  Get Up, Get Loose, Get off

Another great rock n’ roll record from Street Symphonies, I truly love the music on this album. The only thing I would like to give a little pointer about is the sound of the vocals, I guess if it was sung with a bit lower, edgy voice, it would give a whole new dimension to the songs. This album is still a classic for me though.

Once again I can hear quite some late 80’s influences on this album as well. The songs that stand out for me are “Time To Rock”, this song is just so classic rock n’ roll! I also really like the vocals on this song, this song could get a crowd moving, I’m sure of that. “Burning Miracle” starts nice and heavy, and dude, I’m glad it stayes this way thru the whole song. “Sassie Lassie Goose” starts with a great choir like vocal arrangement, then morves in a “DR. Feelgood” worthy groove of the guitars and rhythm section, truly, this song coulda been on Moltey’s Dr. Feelgood and be one of the best song on the album. Johnny Burning wear their Motley Crue influences on their sleeves!

Go get these records via Street Symphony records!


Bound to Bleed

16 12 2008

Live to Get Fucked, Fuck to Get Drugs.

Vocals: Datura Stramonium
Bass: Black Mickey
Guitars: Mick
Drums: Memento

All the way from Italy comes the band “Long Dong Silver”, like the name suggests, these are dirty motherfuckers. The band consists of 4 real frustrated misfits waving the finger to anyone annoying them.

 Their album “Bound To Bleed” kicks off with a tension building intro which blows up into a trash-kinda drumbeat n guitar riff. The vocals on this track remind me of the way James Hetfield sounded in the pre-commercial Metallica years, and so does the manic riffin’ and that trashy drum beat. “Bound to Bleed” is a great song to open the album ‘cos like I said before, the intro builds op the tension and blows up into some great guitar work and chanting chorusses.

Other highlights on this album are; “Generation Masturbation”, great lowkey vocals in the beginning which really brings you into the depressing “worthnothing” vibe of the song. “Spike Heels and Leather Mask” sounds like a bastard child of AC/DC and the Rolling Stones, a nice relaxing guitar riff and lowtempo beat. But don’t let the music distract you ‘cos like the title suggests, this song contains some S&M themed lyrics. I also very much love “Live to Get Fucked”, it’s got a nice little dirty, fucked up theme to it. It’s a story about a fucked up girl hooked on drugs, doing everything she can to get a next shot. It’s kinda like Long Dong Silver’s “My Michelle”.

If you wonder what it would sound like if you throw GN’R, the Sex Pistols and Metallica in a blender, or you just like straight ahead, heavy rock n’ roll,  I highly recommend this album to you.

  1. Bound to Bleed
  2. People Like It Rough
  3. Generation Masturbation
  4. Spike Heels & Leather Mask
  5. Some 1.2.8
  6. Hellephant
  7. The Beast Inside Your Heart
  8. Alcazar (More Blood, Less Tears)
  9. Live to Get Fucked…
  10. 10,000 Years of Pain

Peep Show

10 09 2008

Okay some things can get me out of my personal shit and get me stimulated to put a new article on my website.

One of these things are awesome sleaze bands. Like Edinburgh’s Peep Show.

I got tipped (I think by guitarist Shell Montel) in my  “Got A Sleazy Band?” section to check this band out.

First of all, I love the name.. Peep Show, that’s just great now innit? So I surved to their myspace and I just got blown against the wall by the intro of the song “Peep Show”. The song takes you way back to the underground glamscene of the 80’s L.A. But it’s just way more gritty than that..

This is on their myspace:
If glam metal is ever going to make a Second Coming then bad-boy gutter punks Peep Show will be the new Messiahs. Hailing from the unlikely rock’n’roll Riviera of Livingston, this snake-hipped, skinny-ribbed band of cock rock reprobates are kicking over the traces of dreary suburbia and injecting a high-octane shot of flamboyance and glitz into the flabby backside of a dreary music scene, putting the studs into Scotland’s central belt.

Conclusion: Peep Show fucking rocks!