Back in Black

16 06 2009

Oi all you sleazy fuckers!

As you might have noticed I didn’t post anything new lately, there’s been some weird shit goin’ on in my life, but I promise you all, I’m fucking back and dirtier than ever. ‘Cos I just got my nipple pierced.. hehe

I saw Buckcherry live in Rotterdam last week, and damn! Thanks guys for the best show I saw in my fucking life!

I’ve got some new reviews coming up, so check up on me every once in a while.



2008 wrap-up

21 12 2008

So as 2008 is coming to an end, I’m starting to realize how great this year was for rock n’ roll..

I mean there have been some great records released this year, Chinese Democracy (GN’R), Black Butterfly (Buchcherry), Saints of Los Angeles (Mötley Crüe), Black Ice (AC/DC), just to name a few.

In this year I also opened my eyes/ears to the great hard rock genre called sleaze. I had always loved Appetite For Destruction and new some bands that made the same kind of kick ass rock n’ roll but not as much as I do now. As soon as I made my profile somewhere this year I started to discover way more bands, and thanks to Classic Rock Magazine’s “round-up Sleaze” I began to figure out there were a whole lotta sleazy diamonds in the rough yet to be found. 

That fact inspired me to help out these bands on the internet by writing some introductions and reviews. So 2008 saw the birth of my website Ink N’ Sleaze. Which I still like posting on and helping the sleaze bands interested in working with me.

Needless to say, for all I care, 2008 was a great fucking rock n’ roll year!

I wish all my viewers, readers, visitors and everyone that helped my with this site in the past a very good new year, and I hope you will help me create another great year for Ink N’ Sleaze.

Black Butterfly Review

28 09 2008

Another great record released in 2008.

black butterfly

Black Butterfly is some true Buckcherry music once again. The album opens with a great riff from the song “Rescue Me” which is a great hard rocker with a good set of lyrics. Like I said, Black Butterfly is once again a true Buckcherry record with some hard rockers like “Rescue Me”, “Tired of You”, Talk To Me”, “Fall Out” and ofcourse the groofy “Too Drunk…”. And like any other BC album, a set of beautiful ballads like “Don’t Go Away” and the country like song “All Of Me” (one of my faves). On most songs the lyrics are really deep and gets me thinking about some of my personal shit and even helps me deal with it. I would also like to give the guitarwork on this album two thumbs up!

Black Butterfly Tracklist

16 08 2008

Black Butterfly, Buckcherry’s upcoming album is gonna rock your socks off, that’s for sure. Anyway, here’s the tracklist!
  1. Rescue Me – 3:12
  2. Tired of You
  3. Too Drunk… – 4:02
  4. Dreams
  5. Talk To Me
  6. Child Called “It”
  7. Don’t Go Away – 3:49
  8. Fallout
  9. Rose
  10. All of Me
  11. Imminent Bail Out
  12. Cream

Sound like some good songtitles!

2 New Buckcherry Songs

15 08 2008

Buckcherry had added two new songs from the upcoming Black Butterfly album, due to be released september 16th, on their myspace website. 

The songs are called: “Rescue Me” and “Don’t Go Away”. (for the people that have been living under a rock, you can listen to “Too Drunk” as well)

Don’t Go Away is a beautiful ballad, and ballads are one of Buckcherry’s specialties and this one is, ones again, beautiful. 

Rescue Me is a dramatic hardrocker with a bit of a dark side to it..

Great work guys!

Too Drunk To Make A Video..

10 07 2008

Here it is ladys and gents, the new Buckcherry video for the song “Too Drunk…” of their upcoming album “Black Butterfly”
I must say, it does fit the song pretty good, I love lowbudget video’s anyway..

Too Drunk To Buck

4 07 2008

buckcherry bw allows us to download a song from the upcoming album “Black Butterfly”. The website said the songtitle is “Too Drunk…”, though on various blogs, forums and etc the song is called “Too Drunk To Fuck”. And that pissed off many Dead Kennedys fans. But hell.. As if every band/artist has to have original song titles, that would be kinda impossible..

Back to the song. I think it sounds pretty cool, it’s a very Buckcherryish song so what else could you expect right? The guitar riff in the verses sounds very funky and kind of reminds me of the intro of “Mellowship Slinky in B Major” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Josh sounds like the good-ol’ Josh.. I think the best way to describe this songs is “a mix between Mellowship Slinky in B Major and Next 2 You”. I like it. 

Though I’m just wondering.. I thought this band was pretty much sober but they’re still making songs about alcohol, gettin’ drunk and doing drugs…