About Me

My name is Lars Ketelaar, and I’m from Holland.  I was born on new years eve 1990. So I basically kickstarted that year.

The year Slash and Duff caused a broadcast delay for every future A.M.A show when Guns N’ Roses won Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Artist and Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Album for “Appetite For Destruction”. The gentlemen appeared on the stage, drunk as hell saying “fuck” for about 8 times a sentence.

The year Skid Row won Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist.

The year Aerosmith won Best Metal/Hard Rock Video and Viewer’s Choice for their video for “Janie’s Got a Gun”

Anyway, the year there was still a lot of great music been made. And people actually liked it. So it’s fair to say I started a good year in Rock N’ Roll.

What my view on this website is is basically talking about the music I love, promoting less-known bands that make that music, writing reviews for albums I think are worth listening to and keep you updated with the latest news in the sleaze/hardrock-universe.

Though you must understand this is website is not my job or life. I started this for the fun of it and I’ve still got schoolshit to do and go to work each weekend so I don’t always have time to post something but I do the best I can.




2 responses

9 12 2008

Lars ❤ zullen we anders gauw een mooie foto maken van jou voor op je site?(althans, als je deze niet wilt houden) het is zó 1870.
(lang haar en geen neuspiercing =V)


Ik mail je zo..er zit me wat dwars..hoop dat het me lukt.

19 03 2009

Whaaa coowle site!:D Go for it Lars!! ^^ Rock the world! >.<

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