Diemonds Rock Forever

20 03 2009

Diemonds released their debut E.P. “In The Rough” in October last year, and sold out the first pressing soon after. Needless to say, this is a fucking band to be reckoned with, like they say in their bio: “Toronto’s Diemonds are a fierce reminder that Rock N’ Roll is very much alive, with one boot in the gutter and the other planted firmly in your face”

All 7 tracks on this E.P. rock hard, their loud and fast but still each song grabs me by the guts and drag me thru the rock n roll mud. I just can’t help but bang my head to this music. Every song is as fucking good as the song before it on this album. The guitar solo’s scream, the riffs are dark and tensed, the bass rumbles and the drums wanna knock your ears off. And my compliments for the innocent looking singer on the picture, babe, you rock harder then a lot of male singers out there!

As you might know, I usually write down a couple o’ tracks I dig the most, but I see no need for that with “In The Rough”.. I just love ’em all, Diemonds sound tighter than David Lee Roth’s pants, and they make me wanna party. I think I’m gonna give this one a lot of spins in the upcoming spring and summer time, this is perfect party music.

Go check em out: www.myspace.com/diemonds




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