The Barbarellatones – Not Dog…Snow-Lion!

23 02 2009

Close your eyes and picture this, the Doors getting into a fight with a bunch of dragqueens. What do you hear? You hear the new Barbarellatones record “Not Dog…Snow-Lion!”

This album ain’t got the kind of music I usually listen to, this is way more laidback and a bit trippy, but I like it anyway. It does also contain a huge amount of humour. I think when you smoke a joint or two and put on this record you will have a great night, you might flow just as much as the music does. 

I love “I Don’t Give a Damn!”, the music is kinda country like and the lyrics are just way too funny, I was listening to this album with a friend of mine and we just fucking laughed our asses off.
For all the N.Y. Dolls fans out there, there’s a great cover of “Bad Girl” on this disc. There’s also an appearance of the German Queen glamorous weirdess: Nina Hagen on the song “Nina Hagen”, which is about her.

So if you wanna have a good ol’ trippy time, go get some hasj and this Barbarellatones record.




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1 03 2009

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