Methods Of Mayhem

18 02 2009

I wanna do a lil something about this Tommy Lee sideproject. As you probably know Tommy Lee is the drummer of Mötley Crüe, and I’m a big Crüe fan. So recently I started searching for sideprojects by the band and even though I was sure what to expect when I read there was rap on this album, I bought it anyway. And I’m glad I did!

The disc says: WARNING: this CD is nothing but worthless plastic unless played loud as fuck!

So I went to my room, put the disc in my radio, turned the volume way up, and I listened to that album nonestop for days. I especially love the songs “Crash”, “Proposition Fuck You”, “Metamorphosis” and “Narcotic”. But the rest of the album is great as well.

Although this album is really electronic and techno, with rap vocals on it. It has still got that Crüe “fuck you all” attitude to it. I think “Crash” is my favorite song on it, it really gets me fired up. Love the first lyrics “Here’s some music to crash your car to!”, and I just might do that sometime!

I was happily suprised when I more recently read this on the internet: Tommy Lee announced in late 2008 that he is reforming Methods of Mayhem and it has been announced in January 2009 that Lee, Kai Marcus and DJ Aero are the current members and will start recording in March 2009.




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