Kiss Or Kill..

16 02 2009

So lately I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about this band called Endeverafter. I loved their track “Baby, Baby, Baby” on the free cd “Sons of GunsIII” from Classic Rock Magazine, and magazines and blogs were pretty positive about this album so I figured, why not get the album and write a little review, even though it was released in 2007..

Endeverafter is poppy in a rocking way. These are some radiofriendly songs with mellow chorusses. But still, there is a lot of guitar violence on this disc.
“I Wanna Be Your Man” kickstarts the album with thunder drums and bass-n-guitars of lighting. Fast vocals which sound quite like mr Axl Rose when there’s some screaming involved. This first song might also be my favorite on this album. Second song “Baby, Baby, Baby” is a song I have heard many times before thanks to  CRM, and is a songs I just have to sing along to with the chorus. Love the guitar solo on this one. The intro of “Poison” sounds like Iron Maiden mudwrestlin’ Eddie, once again, I love the solo on this song, hats-off. “Long Way Home” is a very beautiful ballad with very nice musical arrangements. I can lose myself in this song..




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