Hardcore Superstar “Beg For It”

12 02 2009

I’m sorry I’m always pretty late with news about bands and stuff.. but anyhow..

Hardcore Superstar, maybe one of the biggest names in the wonderful genre of sleaze, will release a new album in June 2009 called “Beg For It”. Which sure is gonna give rock n’ roll another firm kick in the ass.

Since Hardcore Superstar formed in 1997 they’ve released 6 albums which are devinatly worth having, listening and banging your head to.

It’s Only Rock’n’Roll – (1997)
Bad Sneakers and a Piña Colada – (2000)
Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) – (2001)
No Regrets – (2003)
Hardcore Superstar – (2005)
Dreamin’ in a Casket – (2007)

So those of you that don’t know this band yet, check ’em out, they’re great!

Hardcore Superstar will be on tour with In Flames between April 15 to May 2 in the U.K.




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