One of Us

14 01 2009

01. Side By Side
02. Candy Girl
03. On The Radio
04. She Gets Paid
05. Throw It Away
06. Upstart Coming Up
07. Kink Into My Heart
08. Road To Nowhere
09. My Little Hell
10. Lights Off Baby
11. Shotgun Breakdown
12. Riot Stick
13. We Don’t Want What We Want
14. No Means No

Alright, here’s the deal, Underride tried to send me a copy of this disc for 3 times already and it still ain’t here. But I like this music so much I’ll do a review based on the mp3’s I got.

When you listen to this album you can easily hear the Stone Temple Pilots influence on the band, singer Rev sound a lot like Scott Weiland on most of the songs. Well actually, he sounds like Scott Weiland, but better.. This band is the perfect combination of grunge and classic hard rock.

Highlights on the album for me personally are;  “Candy Girl”, this song rocks hard and has got a great taste of STP to it. It starts off with megaphone-style vocals and then blasts into the song with fast n’ loud riffs, screaming vocals and great rhythm. The chorus has laid back and melodic vocals, which makes a nice contrast between the verse and chorus.
“She Get’s Paid” starts with a dirty, morphed guitar riff. I, once again love the vocals on this song, Rev truly screamed his lungs out on this one.
“No Means No” has got a big attitude, tight guitar riffs. Gut vibrating drumbeats. The chorus is great for yelling along when you see them live, it’s just inevetible to stand still and do nothing.

When you give this album a spin, you’ll be banging your hard gently all the way thru all 14 song. Where most post-grunge bands took a more soft and melodic side, this band turned to the more classic hard rock side. This album is a must have for everyone with a taste for hard rock.




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