8 01 2009

01. We Are The Drugs
02. Take a Ride With Me (Straight to Hell)
03. Devil Girl
04. Screamin’ At Me
05. Burnin’
06. 1 More Fix
07. Helpless
08. Gotta Go, Gotta Roll
09. Revolution
10. Nowhere To Go (No Time To Care)

Vocals: Cleveland Willis
Drums: Rob Hammersmith
Guitar: Mike Grimmett
Bass: Chris Taylor

Lemme tell you about this band, Rockets to Ruin. This bunch of hell-raisin’, heavy riffin’, bass growlin’ motherfuckers from Atlanta rock harder than Mount Everest.

Their album “Love*Drugs*Rebellion” starts off with the song “We Are The Drugs”, which immediatly pulls you into the spirit off the album. This disc is full of songs about sex, drugs, Hollywood, the struggles of getting famous and oh, did I mention drugs? 

So back to the songs.  We Are The Drugs is about the struggles of making it in the dirty entertainment scene in Hollywood. The lyrics mention “sucking cock for whoever you meet”, (cheers to you Hollywood).  The song starts off with some tension building guitarsounds and a nice drum n bass groove and than kicks into this fucking heavy guitar riff.

“Take a Ride With Me (Straight to Hell)” opens with a heavy guitar riff as well, but as the first verse kicks in the music turns to a dark kinda atmosphere, though it’s relaxing.. But as soon as you’re starting to calm down the chorus is there and I must tell you, that is one heavy chorus! This song is just like a rollercoaster, you go from intense guitar riffin to relaxing string picking all the way back to riffin. So it really is a ride to hell, and back, and then back to hell..

“Devil Girl” has got a really cool groof musically and a pretty dark lyrical theme. I think it’s about a girl trying to make it, but she turned into a helpless junky and hits rock bottom. “Baby you were born to lose” says it all I guess. I’d like to compliment Mike for the guitar solo on this song.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Gotta Go, Gotta Roll”, I love the high pitch guitar parts, the way the drums, guitar, and bass work together in this song and really create raw energy which drives you thru this song like a speedtrain. I really love this song!

This album truly is a classic.. Each song rocks as hard as the previous ones, maybe even harder. These songs are heavy, dirty, fast and loaded with mob chants, great lyrics and fucking great music. Get it! Cheers!




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3 03 2009
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