Bound to Bleed

16 12 2008

Live to Get Fucked, Fuck to Get Drugs.

Vocals: Datura Stramonium
Bass: Black Mickey
Guitars: Mick
Drums: Memento

All the way from Italy comes the band “Long Dong Silver”, like the name suggests, these are dirty motherfuckers. The band consists of 4 real frustrated misfits waving the finger to anyone annoying them.

 Their album “Bound To Bleed” kicks off with a tension building intro which blows up into a trash-kinda drumbeat n guitar riff. The vocals on this track remind me of the way James Hetfield sounded in the pre-commercial Metallica years, and so does the manic riffin’ and that trashy drum beat. “Bound to Bleed” is a great song to open the album ‘cos like I said before, the intro builds op the tension and blows up into some great guitar work and chanting chorusses.

Other highlights on this album are; “Generation Masturbation”, great lowkey vocals in the beginning which really brings you into the depressing “worthnothing” vibe of the song. “Spike Heels and Leather Mask” sounds like a bastard child of AC/DC and the Rolling Stones, a nice relaxing guitar riff and lowtempo beat. But don’t let the music distract you ‘cos like the title suggests, this song contains some S&M themed lyrics. I also very much love “Live to Get Fucked”, it’s got a nice little dirty, fucked up theme to it. It’s a story about a fucked up girl hooked on drugs, doing everything she can to get a next shot. It’s kinda like Long Dong Silver’s “My Michelle”.

If you wonder what it would sound like if you throw GN’R, the Sex Pistols and Metallica in a blender, or you just like straight ahead, heavy rock n’ roll,  I highly recommend this album to you.

  1. Bound to Bleed
  2. People Like It Rough
  3. Generation Masturbation
  4. Spike Heels & Leather Mask
  5. Some 1.2.8
  6. Hellephant
  7. The Beast Inside Your Heart
  8. Alcazar (More Blood, Less Tears)
  9. Live to Get Fucked…
  10. 10,000 Years of Pain



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