Apes IQ On New Year’s Eve

29 12 2008

Last saturday the swedish hardcore sleaze band Apes IQ entered the studio to lay down 2 brand new tracks for their upcoming album, due to be released early 2009.

The songs are supposed to be released at myspace.com on new years eve. So the new year will be kicked off as it’s supposed to, with dirty loud music!

Stay tuned for more APES IQ news.


2008 wrap-up

21 12 2008

So as 2008 is coming to an end, I’m starting to realize how great this year was for rock n’ roll..

I mean there have been some great records released this year, Chinese Democracy (GN’R), Black Butterfly (Buchcherry), Saints of Los Angeles (Mötley Crüe), Black Ice (AC/DC), just to name a few.

In this year I also opened my eyes/ears to the great hard rock genre called sleaze. I had always loved Appetite For Destruction and new some bands that made the same kind of kick ass rock n’ roll but not as much as I do now. As soon as I made my Last.fm profile somewhere this year I started to discover way more bands, and thanks to Classic Rock Magazine’s “round-up Sleaze” I began to figure out there were a whole lotta sleazy diamonds in the rough yet to be found. 

That fact inspired me to help out these bands on the internet by writing some introductions and reviews. So 2008 saw the birth of my website Ink N’ Sleaze. Which I still like posting on and helping the sleaze bands interested in working with me.

Needless to say, for all I care, 2008 was a great fucking rock n’ roll year!

I wish all my viewers, readers, visitors and everyone that helped my with this site in the past a very good new year, and I hope you will help me create another great year for Ink N’ Sleaze.

Bound to Bleed

16 12 2008

Live to Get Fucked, Fuck to Get Drugs.

Vocals: Datura Stramonium
Bass: Black Mickey
Guitars: Mick
Drums: Memento

All the way from Italy comes the band “Long Dong Silver”, like the name suggests, these are dirty motherfuckers. The band consists of 4 real frustrated misfits waving the finger to anyone annoying them.

 Their album “Bound To Bleed” kicks off with a tension building intro which blows up into a trash-kinda drumbeat n guitar riff. The vocals on this track remind me of the way James Hetfield sounded in the pre-commercial Metallica years, and so does the manic riffin’ and that trashy drum beat. “Bound to Bleed” is a great song to open the album ‘cos like I said before, the intro builds op the tension and blows up into some great guitar work and chanting chorusses.

Other highlights on this album are; “Generation Masturbation”, great lowkey vocals in the beginning which really brings you into the depressing “worthnothing” vibe of the song. “Spike Heels and Leather Mask” sounds like a bastard child of AC/DC and the Rolling Stones, a nice relaxing guitar riff and lowtempo beat. But don’t let the music distract you ‘cos like the title suggests, this song contains some S&M themed lyrics. I also very much love “Live to Get Fucked”, it’s got a nice little dirty, fucked up theme to it. It’s a story about a fucked up girl hooked on drugs, doing everything she can to get a next shot. It’s kinda like Long Dong Silver’s “My Michelle”.

If you wonder what it would sound like if you throw GN’R, the Sex Pistols and Metallica in a blender, or you just like straight ahead, heavy rock n’ roll,  I highly recommend this album to you.

  1. Bound to Bleed
  2. People Like It Rough
  3. Generation Masturbation
  4. Spike Heels & Leather Mask
  5. Some 1.2.8
  6. Hellephant
  7. The Beast Inside Your Heart
  8. Alcazar (More Blood, Less Tears)
  9. Live to Get Fucked…
  10. 10,000 Years of Pain

Hurry Up Velvet Revolver!?

11 12 2008

What do you think?

velvet revolver