The Money Grind

26 11 2008

Many people say timetraveling is impossible, but I just found out a way to return to the 80’s L.A. hard rock scene with this great album by Willie Basse. Back in the 80’s Willie was frontman of the band “Black Sheep”, the band Slash was in during his pre-Guns days. Black Sheep was home to a lot of well-known rock artist such as the late Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe).

As you all know, right now we’re in the 21st century and it’s very clear the music industry needs a firm metal kick in the fucking ass. Well.. Willie Basse and his band, who have also worked with an impressive list of famous rock artists (of which Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, the Scorpions and Black Sabbath are just view), are here to give that kick as hard as they can. With the new album “The Money Grind” they’re not only kicking ass but it takes you way back to the 80’s with thick guitar riffs, high-pitch vocals and fast guitar solo’s.

The album starts off with an amazing intstrumental track called “Guitargasm”, and I must say, the title says it all. It’s just this huge hammer made out off guitar riffs and solo’s that knocks you out and I guess it could make some guys have an orgasm. Then after a moment off breath the second track “(Love So) Far Away” kicks in with this early Mötley Crüe sounding guitar riff. The chorus is a true 80’s singalong (or should I say chantalong).

There are killerriffs all over the album on tracks like “Don’t Waste My Time”, the title track “The Money Grind” and “U Can’t Have It All”. The track called “Po’ Boy” is something different all together.. It guides you around a couple of different genre’s in music such as reggea, blues and heavy metal. And it’s done in a very good way, ’cause I don’t really dig reggae but this song is actually one of my favorites on this album.

So if you’re into heavy metal that sounds like it’s from the 80’s but still has a modern feel to it. (In other words the music that matters). I highly recommend this album to you.

Exclusive INK N SLEAZE interview coming soon!




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