This just crossed my mind..

14 11 2008

Is Dr.Pepper gonna giver every single American, except for Slash and Buckethead, a free can of Dr.Pepper now that Chinese Democracy is about to be released next week?

As the company said in May this year: “everyone in America” (excluding ex-Guns members Slash and Buckethead) if “Chinese Democracy” arrives anytime during the calendar year 2008.

Though Buckethead shouldn’t wet his KFC-Bucket with his tears, ‘cos Axl said he’d be happy to share his can with him. I’m sorry Slash.. I guess you’ll have to buy one for yourself..




One response

15 11 2008

yes, they are! haha. i’ve mentioned it a couple times in my blog ( You’ve got to go onto the Dr. P website November 23rd and request it. Thats the only day it’ll be available, so put it on your calender if you want one!

lol when did Axl say he’d share?

anyway, good blog…bookmarked 🙂

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