8 11 2008

Rev – Vocals
Rex Nomad – Guitar
Dr. Pondscum – Guitar
El Barto – Bass
Double A – Drums

Lemme tell you about this rockin band from Seattle, they sound raw like a shotgun wound, kinda like a blend between the Appetite-era GN’R and Contraband-era Velvet Revolver with a splash of Buckcherry. Vocalist Rev sounds like Scott Weiland singing his lungs out. I love bands before they get too big to make raw and gritty music. Underride just sounds so natural, pure and exciting.

People that say hardrock is dead should check out this band and dare to say it again.. These guys keep pumpin fresh blood in the veins of rock n roll.

More info and a review of their cd “One of Us” will follow soon.





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