Loaded Like a Motherfucka

5 11 2008

Seems like Duff hasn’t lost his punk approach to music during the recordings of Velvet Revolver’s “Libertad”. which to my personal point of view was a bit soft.. Loaded’s new E.P. “Wasted Heart” on the other hand rocks the shit outta me. It’s got a big punk n’ roll feel to it and the ballad “Wasted Heart” is just magical. I have to admit I didn’t really dig the way Duff sings on this E.P. but after a while I actually liked it’s “Can’t Sing, Don’t Care” attitude. (Though Duff really can sing for all I care).
Even though there are only five songs on the disc, it’s sure worth buying it (there are only 7.000 copies made).

I’m very sorry but I havn’t really been able to put some updates on my blog lately but I’m doing the best I can to keep you sleazy mothafuckas updated. I’ve got some cool bands cd reviews coming up and I assure you, these guys rock!