Peep Show

10 09 2008

Okay some things can get me out of my personal shit and get me stimulated to put a new article on my website.

One of these things are awesome sleaze bands. Like Edinburgh’s Peep Show.

I got tipped (I think by guitarist Shell Montel) in my  “Got A Sleazy Band?” section to check this band out.

First of all, I love the name.. Peep Show, that’s just great now innit? So I surved to their myspace and I just got blown against the wall by the intro of the song “Peep Show”. The song takes you way back to the underground glamscene of the 80’s L.A. But it’s just way more gritty than that..

This is on their myspace:
If glam metal is ever going to make a Second Coming then bad-boy gutter punks Peep Show will be the new Messiahs. Hailing from the unlikely rock’n’roll Riviera of Livingston, this snake-hipped, skinny-ribbed band of cock rock reprobates are kicking over the traces of dreary suburbia and injecting a high-octane shot of flamboyance and glitz into the flabby backside of a dreary music scene, putting the studs into Scotland’s central belt.

Conclusion: Peep Show fucking rocks!




One response

12 09 2008
Ian Sleazer

This is an amazing band!! You have to buy their CD!!

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