Blame it on/Thank the Internet..

7 07 2008

bad pc

I just read Saints of Los Angeles has sold about 99,000 copies in its first week of release. And that got me wondering.. would they have sold more albums if the internet wasn’t here here yet, or as big as it is at the moment.

Let’s say S.O.L.A. was released in a time and place where internet does not excist!
*Whoa! Shocker!*
Would the album have sold 99,000 copies, or more/less? Allthough a lot of people say the album would have sold more without internet, because people wouldn’t be able to download it, I think it would have sold less. Because I found out about the making of, and the release date and etc. of Saints of Los Angeles, thanks to the internet. I live in Holland and I have to admit, Holland wouldn’t give a shit about Mötley Crüe or other hardrock bands anymore.

So I just kept on thinking.. if there was no internet where I can find news about bands and their new albums and stuff.. How the fuck would I ever know anything about it? You see? I wouldn’t have bought the album because I wouldn’t know it excisted.. And I wouldn’t know about a lot of bands I found on the internet. The internet opened my eyes(ears) when it comes to music. Before we had internet at home, all the music I would know about was the populair music, the hiphop and shit like that.

Thanks to the internet I found out about cool (old) bands like Guns N’ Roses, Motörhead, AC/DC, Nirvana, Mötley Crüe and many more. I already knew I liked the loud and hard music because some radio stations still play a little GNR, AC/DC and ofcourse Aerosmith. But I wouldn’t know who it was I was listening to! I liked it, but I didn’t know who that was, or what the song was called. I just remembered the terms I heard, like hard rock, heavy metal, metal, classic rock and whatever label they put on it. Then we got internet, and I just started Googeling the terms and downloading a lot of music from the bands that were labeled like that… and that’s how I think the internet only helps selling albums instead of decreasing it.

For the people I just pissed off in this story because I said I just started downloading a lot of music, I have bought albums of almost all the bands I have downloaded from (check out the “Collexion” page for my.. well.. collection..) , or have a shirt or other merchandising.




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12 07 2008

hey, I completely agree with you. If it wasn’t for the internet, I would probably still be listening to the same two tapes I got in my Christmas stocking when I was ten. I think the internet has also helped me to feel “closer” to bands l like. For example, a lot of artists nowadays have blogs and journals and myspace accounts and things like that, so I can read what they’re thinking, see pictures they posted of themselves hanging out and doing normal things, and really feel like I’m getting to know them as people—I know it sounds kind of stalkerish, but I believe people have a natural desire to really feel like they have a relationship with the people they admire, and the internet helps them have that “relationship.” That in turn makes them like the artists’ music more because they feel more connected to it, and makes them a lot more interested in what the artists is up to…aka, it makes them more likely to buy albums and other merchandise. 🙂
anyway, good post!


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