Black Butterfly (new Buckcherry album this fall!!)

2 07 2008

So I was surfing the internet looking for news/bands and etc. When I thought.. “Hmm would there be any news about the new Buckcherry record?”. Then I went to and I was happy to see that the band announced the new record, the followup of the mutli hit album “15”, will be out this fall! The album is probably gonna be called “Black Butterfly” because you can see what is the expectable artwork for the album.

black butterfly

Black Butterfly will be the fourth record by the band.
I am hoping for another classic Buckcherry record, like “Buckcherry” and “15” mixed and blended to another masterpiece. Though I am thinking the record will sound more like “15” the album cover has the same feel to it as the “Buckcherry” artwork.

So tell me! What are you expecting/hoping to hear with this new record?

I tell you folks.. 2008 is a good year for rock n’ roll..




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