The Saints Swingin’

26 06 2008

Okay people, two reviews today, two reviews of two great fucking records..

Let’s start with Saints of Los Angeles by, ofcourse, Mötley Crüe.


I had heard the title track “Saints of Los Angeles” already, so I was really looking forward to this album. ‘Cause that song just sounded so classic Mötley Crüe, yet very fresh, I loved the song from the moment I heard it.. So two days ago this record was released, but I have to confess, I couldn’t wait so I downloaded it befor that time, though I never had the chance to really listen to it. I was still a bit unsure wether S.O.L.A. was gonna blow my mind or dissapoint me. Because some of these song titles just gave such a modern impression to me that it made me wonder if the record was gonna sound like that as well.. (and I don’t like modern music that much..)

But I bought the record yesterday, and I just fucking love it! When I sat down and just let the music take me over I was amazed how fresh yet familiar this record sounds.. As if I have owned this disc for years already. Nikki had all the right to say: “I think we’re onto some of the better songs we’ve had in years”. on his blog some time ago. Though I really love “New Tattoo” I think S.O.L.A. is even better.

The songs that spoke to me the most are: “Down at the Whisky”, “Saints of Los Angeles”, “Chicks = Trouble” and “White Trash Circus”. The entire record is great, but these songs are my favorites so far.


The other record I want to review right now is “Swingin’ at the Fences” by these badboys from Sweden called “The Cowboy Prostitutes.

TOBBE JOHANSSON – Guitar/Backing Vox

This record is packed with rock n’ roll with a big splash of dirty punkrock. The song “Rock ‘n’ Roll Jail” is just a fucking great opener for this album ’cause the song starts with a guitar riff that somehow says to me “Here we are, Fuck you!”. And that’s a good thing! Swingin’ at the Fences has a great attitude to it, the proud-side of, heck, almost every rock star, and the “I don’t give a fuck” feel of punk.

Most songs start with a fast riff/solo and gut-pounding beats which is accompanied with the raw vocals of singer Luca Isabelle at the start of the verses. The chorusses are very melodic, yet they don’t take away the raw attitude of the songs. They just make you want to get out of your chair, put your fist in the air and sing along like you just don’t care. There ain’t one song on this record I don’t like.

And as a great suprise, the second-last song “Roseline”, is a ballad, a very beautifull ballad. You can feel lot of emotions in this song and still feel like a bad-ass motherfucking hardrocker. My compliments to this song guys!




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