Hellcity Punks

11 06 2008

Hellcity Punks
There ain’t a lot of news going on as far as I know so here’s another cool band I think you guys should know about.

They’re called Hellcity Punks, and to my suprise, and maybe to a lot of you guys, this band is not even from Sweden! They’re from Finland but rock as hard and sleazy as the bands from Sweden, maybe even more than some!

Hellcity Punks have already put 2 songs on their myspace and I must say.. they rock like a mountain. The song “My Show” has a very nice guitar groove in it and I absolutely love the title of the other song “Destination OD” I guess that tells you enough about the attitude of the band, or at least the songwriter that is..

Someone very close to the band told me Hellcity Punks just finished working on their first record. He also said that the record is made independent without any record company, so that shows these guys just love making music and don’t bother spending their money on (I think) expensive record sessions. The record should be available from their website in august.

Check them out! http://www.hellcitypunks.com/




One response

18 08 2008

cheers mate, the album is in our hands now, check it out!

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