Dirty Mail From Zweden..

4 06 2008

One of the best hardrock albums ever made was delivered at my door today. “Toy Boy” Bänke of Apes IQ was kind enough to send me a copie of their 2005 album “The Kixxville Commercial”. And even though he already gave me the mp3 files of the songs, I was still excited! The album cover is just so hazy and sleazy..
And now I didn’t even mention the songs yet!

All the 13 songs really have the “Take No Hostages” feel to it, they’re fast, dirty and loud. Songs like “In It For The Pussy, “Lip”, “The Jackass Day” and “Ramjob Juliette” really stand out for me, but hell! this album just kicks ass. All these tracks just fucking rock. Period.

01. The Underdogs
02. Rat City Unit
03. In It For The Pussy
04. Swellhead
05. B-Bones
06. The Jackass Day
07. Life on a Stick
08. Never Trust a Smilin’ Junkie
09. Lip
10. Ramjob Juliette
11. The Kixxville Commercial
12. Harry The Horse
13. Drop The Bomb

Like the backcover of the cd already said: “WARNING! Some of these songs contain very bad language made into heavily erotic storys, wich may offend some sensitive fuckheads!
We are whiskey drinkin’, pussy lickin’, ass kickin’ kind of motherfuckers that can’t get enough… YOU SEE?”

Hmm.. after thinking about it.. I think “Take No Hostages” doesn’t describe it good enoug.. I think it’s more like “Take No Hostages, But Tie The Girls Up Anyway..”. 100% Sleaze.

The Kixxville Commercial

So, Bänke, thank you very fucking much again! This is album truly is one of my favorites, EVER!




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