Apes IQ

26 05 2008

apes iq
Lead vocals, guitar: Slim Jim
Lead Guitar, backing vocals: Guzz
Bass: Toy Boy
Drums: TBA 

This Swedish band really does puts the Sleaz back in Sleazy with their fast, hard rocking songs with often dirty but funny sexist lyrics. Apes IQ just gives you a shot of adrenaline through the speakers with their music. The band also shows they’ve got a sence of humour as well, just listen to the lyrics, you’ll know what I mean.

Well.. what’s more to say about this band except they just rock your ass off and will probably do something else to the girl next to you.

Check out their myspace here: http://myspace.com/kixxville to listen to their anarchistic rockin songs from their 2005 release “The Kixxville Commercial”. Wich they describe as: “The 13-track album “The kixxville Commercial” sounds a bit like Elvis Presley on way too much caffeine, trying to perform “Hound Dog”, while he’s getting slapped in the face by Sid Vicious.”

Mainstream a-hole




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