Vains of Jenna

18 05 2008

vains of jenna

Lizzy DeVine – Vocals and Guitar
Nicki Kin – Guitar
Jacki Stone – Drums
JP White – Bass

Vains of Jenna is a sleazemetal band from, ofcourse, Sleazy-Sweden. And they just kick fucking ass.. Vains of Jenna bring you back the 80’s sleaze, but way more raw and intense than the bands back in the day. Their main influences are Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones (they’ve recorded an awesome version of Jumpin’ Jack Flash), Hanoi Rocks and Aerosmith, and you can definatally hear that back in their songs, wich is ofcourse, not a bad thing. The band has released their debut cd called “Lit Up Let Down” in 2006 featuring they hitsingle “No One’s Gonna Do It For You”. The video for that song was directed by Bam Margera, in his own backyard/home.

The band also just announced they’re goin’ back in the studio to record a new album. No doubt that one’s gonna fucking kick ass!


May 18 2008
Vains of Jenna head back to the studio for 2nd album!
Fans, Friends and random people of the world,

VAINS OF JENNA has started production for the follow up to 2006 “Lit Up / Let Down”.

Last week the band went in to studio with producer Brent Woods. Woods produced VOJ’s “Enemy in me” that can be found on the “Viva La Bands vol. 2” compilation.

The new tracks are gonna be a major step up for the band who’s been writing songs since they got back from touring nonstop for the most part of 2007.

We can’t tell you when the new CD will be out, but previews will be posted here on our myspace as soon as the band’s got some new tracks mixed.

This album is gonna be quite different from what fans are used to. But trust me, It’s gonna be one hell of a rock album.

It’s been three years since the band recorded their debut. No title has been set for the album yet.



// Lizzy, Nicki, Jacki & J.P

Vains of Jenna – No One’s Gonna Do It For You




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