Bach’s reaction on rumours of him joining Velvet Revolver

10 05 2008

Velvet Bach

I always thought it wasn’t gonna be Bach in VR.. anyway, this is what I just read on wikipedia:

On May 6, 2008, ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach was interviewed on “The Buckethead Show” on Tampa’s 98 Rock radio station about the rumors concering him being considered for the position of lead singer in Velvet Revolver, after the split from Scott Weiland.
He said that he actually spoke to Slash recently, but also that joining Velvet Revolver will be very awkward for him and unlikely, stating he thinks his latest solo record “Angel Down” is better than all of Velvet Revolver’s records, and that since he is very good friends with Axl Rose, he said he would feel uncomfortable to sing Axl’s songs (refering to Guns N’ Roses covers that the band performs on live shows), although he finished off with saying “I love Guns N’ Roses material, but I’ve got my own old songs — Skid Row — so for me, it would all depend on music. I wouldn’t just join the band just to join the band. If we came up with some incredible new songs, then maybe I’d think about it.”


Okay.. 2 things..
1. Now I’m even more glad it isn’t gonna be Bach in VR.
2. He did make me curious about Angel Down..




One response

17 05 2008

Ok VR quit F***ing around and hire Scott Staap For the love of GOD!!!!!!!

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