New Buckcherry Album?

6 05 2008


So.. Buckcherry is touring with the Crüe Fest right now.. Mötley Crüe is bringing out a new record.. Buckcherry’s “15” is 3 years old by now.. So.. Can we expect a new Buckcherry album this year? I hope so!
I have read at some forums that the next record is gonna be more mature.. I hope that doesn’t mean they’re gonna make really tight “everything-sounds-perfect” songs like most bands do when they announce they’re looking for a more mature sound.. Buckcherry sounds best raw and rough..

I found out about Buckcherry a couple of months ago. When I first heard “Crazy Bitch” I loved the band right away! I finally found a band that still made good rock n’ roll! And when I found out they had briefly been in Velvet Revolver I was even more excited, and guitarist Keith Nelson even co-wrote my favorite VR song “Dirty Little Thing”! And through Buckcherry I found even more cool “new” bands (and some older) at Last.Fm.

I’ve bought “Buckcherry” and “15” already, can’t find Time Bomb though.. I think I gotta order it from the internet.

Lit Up




One response

9 05 2008

Gelezen! zoals beloofd.
Weer een beetje catchy(vrij korte enthousiaste zinnen en uitroeptekens) maar al beter!
Even over het laatste stukje dat je had geschreven, buy the fucking magazine enzo..dat is ook weer zo’n ‘te’ vertaalde uitdrukking..die er niet helemaal bij past..
Maar het word steeds beter

Ik ben fan*hihi* maar dat was ik al eerder..(dan wel niet van je blog..)

En ik vind het leuk om te controleren en tips te geven( ook weer handig voor mijn eigen engelse recenies voor school ;))

Kusjes ❤

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