2 05 2008

It ain’t a sleazy/glam band or whatever but I love ’em anyway and I recommend everyone to check ’em out!

Targets is a Dutch band of some friends of mine, they’ve been together for over a year by now and they’ve achieved some great things already. Like winning band battles, playing at the Indian Summer Festival (twice), playing in the Melkweg and Paradiso with Bodog Band Battle.

They have played in pubs, bars and clubs countless times by now and I’ve seen a lot of they’re preformances. Because of that I can see/hear them getting better and better every concert. They recorded some demo’s wich you can hear at and you can check out some pictures too.


Bassist Jerry plays his instrument like a madman and often makes Thor’s thunder sound like a firecracker.
Vocalist Dennis sings very clearly and in tune but can scream from the inside of his guts as well.
Drummer Thij beats the drums faster than Animal from the muppets and can go on for hours.
And guitarist Remy.. well.. where to even fucking begin with him! He can play impossible solo’s and fast riffs but he can play some very melodic stuff too.

As you can probably guess by now.. they fucking rock!


Here’s a live video I shot a long time ago of Targets playing Radar Love by Golden Earring:





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