We are, We are the Saints

29 04 2008


So unless you’ve been living under a rock or something.. You musta heard about the upcoming Crüe record “Saints of Los Angeles”.  The title track has been released as the first single on April 11.  I heard the song before that day and I must confess.. I pray to the Saints of Los Angeles.. What a fucking great song!

Here’s the vid:

And here’s the rumoured tracklist of the album:
1. Mother Fucker of the Year
2. Down at the Whisky
3. Saints of Los Angeles
4. Face Down In the Dirt
5. What’s It Gonna Take
6. Chicks = Trouble
7. White Trash Circus
8. The Animal In Me
9. Welcome to the Machine
10. This Ain’t a Love Song
11. Just Another Psycho

The Saints also anounced they´ll tour thru America and Canada this summer with their very own Crüe Fest! Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Trapt, and Sixx A.M. will be joining them on the road, so if you get a chance, go buy a fucking ticket. I hope Crüe Fest will continue to tour thru Europe, and especially Holland too this year.. Cuzz this sucks! 😛 I wanna see Crüe and Buckcherry!!




One response

4 05 2008

i can’t wait to hear this fucking thing! i have only heard the tune once in a local book/mag. store, and it sounded like some 80’s thing to me, like perhaps a band “from” then, and i was right. i have a good ear! it made me want to get a closer listen, then as i was reading the rag “rolling stone,” it mentioined that crue had just put out a single called “saints of l.a.” i put it together, as that was what the singer seemed to be singing. cool, huh? i was excited! finally new crue!

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