Does the Velvet stop Revolving?

21 03 2008


I was right at the front of the glasgow show where Scott Weiland broke the news right before Fall to pieces! He said and i quote “You’re at something really special tonight. This is the last ever Velvet Revolver tour”Once he said that Slash, Duff, Matt and Dave all looked at each other. They sang fall to pieces then.. Scott goes over to the side of the stage and argues with the sound guy. After a couple of songs he threw his mic down and walked off. After a long wait Duff came out with the band and sang the start of its so easy. Scott shows up about half way through.. sang really half assed then gone again…

Really doesnt look good. Especially as the band at the start of the evening were late on by half an hour and stood waiting for Scott for about 10 mins on stage. Clearly all very uncomfortably.. Looks like its true guys. Straight from Scotts mouth.

Hi All,
        in total shock tonight.At the Glasgow gig Scott announced “you’re witnessing something very special here tonight, the last Velvet Revolver tour”. He also refered to the crowd as “stinking individuals ” during Sex Type Thing.The rest of the guys didn’t look to happy.They took ages to come back on for the encore and when they did Duff started singing “it’s so easy” by himself until Scott eventually came on stage.Good gig,great set but there is something going on ! Feel a wee bit sad really.

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24 03 2008

Replace Scott. He’s the weak link anyway. “Contraband” was great. The music was written before Weiland joined. “Libertad” was ok, but sounded forced. It sounded like they were trying to please Scott, to the point of hiring his producer.

There are better performers out there that they can work with. Plus, they’re in the position of being a band that people identify more with the musicians rather than the singer. They could be like Van Halen, and AC/DC, in the sense that, even though they are replacing the well known singer, they can become more successful if they get the right guy. With VR, their popularity is due to Slash and Duff, not Scott Weiland.

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