Sleazerock (maybe even Glam..)

11 03 2008

Not a lot of people will think about it when they see me, but I’m not some metal-head who listens only these bands with “singers” who can basically just grunt and yell..


What I mostly like is 80’s sleazerock (with blues and glam influences). Bands like (early) Guns N’ Roses, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat and much more bands, not only from the 80’s ofcourse.

gnr logo

I see Guns N’ Roses as the band that really influenced me in my musical taste and my taste of clothing. I guess.. when I was about 14 years old I was just starting do develop a taste for rock music. We finally got internet at home and that made things way easier for me to explore the hystory of music, mosty Rock N’ Roll.. Because of the internet I got back in touch with a friend I hadn’t seen in about 2 years and we found out we both liked loud music and so we became close friends after that.

I remember watching some t.v. at his place when suddenly I saw a cool video with some guitarist with a huge top hat.. That was the moment I discovered Guns N’ Roses.

I must admit I started exploring bands by just downloading a lot of songs. But after a while I bought the Greatest Hits album GN’R had just released and after that, a lot of albums followed. And not only GN’R albums ofcourse..

Via Guns N’ Roses I discovered a lot of other bands I’ve come to love.. thanks to downloading. Whenever I searched for GN’R songs or I just typed the name of an individual player I’d see some duets and other songs that had nothing to do with the band. That way I discovered some (not only sleazerock) bands like; Motörhead, Black Label Society, Hanoi Rocks and ofcourse Velvet Revolver who had just released Contraband.

This was my introduction to my Music section of my blog, I’ll be posting some news about what I think are cool bands and I’ll write some profiles of bands and my opinion about them and witch cd’s and dvd’s I own.

 Later, Lars.




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